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At Palmetto Testing, we offer competitive screening services that are innovative in technology. We make it convenient for businesses and individuals by providing testing in our labs or bringing our professional mobile testing to you.

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We are the preferred testing provider in the State and provide testing services nationwide. All of our lab technicians are certified and provide the most trusted and professional lab services to you. Our mission is to provide affordable and reputable screening services to individuals and businesses. Palmetto Testing delivers accurate results to put your mind at ease.

From DNA testing to workplace drug testing programs, rest assured that the screening process is accurate, fast, and confidential. Interested in learning more about our testing services, Policy creation, and implementation, Consortiums or Random testing programs or schedule an onsite testing event fill out the Client Test Request or Question form today.

There are many potential employers who require employees to undergo drug and alcohol testing as part of their hiring process. Drug and alcohol testing can be a determining factor in determining whether an individual is fit for employment or not. There are many ways for companies to screen potential employees, ranging from random screening to pre-employment background checks, and finally to drug and alcohol testing at the interview process. There are a number of benefits for taking advantage of these tests, including saving money in labor costs by avoiding substance abuse and injury-related accidents on the job.

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